Reverse image search technology available with Google

Technology that powers reverse image searching is one of the latest rollouts from Google, as the company’s search function has expanded in recent months.

The feature, which was first introduced to a select audience in June, is now available to the general public. According to the Google Images Help page, Google makes use of computer vision technologies to match an image to similar ones in the Google index and associated databases, and returns “best guess” results, which include both text and other image results.

This comes alongside news from six weeks ago of Google purchasing a facial recognition company, and for many, brings up concerns of what Google will be capable of by combining these like technologies.

However, the aforementioned kinds of concerns are likely premature, if not entirely unwarranted, as the type of technology in question is able to search for generic objects, whereas the possibility of returning results as specific as faces is unrealistic – at least at this point.

Although what Google is doing is on a large, corporate scale, there are smaller companies, such as ImageGraphicsVideo, which are creating similar types of software which companies can implement to do similar, industry-specific tasks. And understanding the capabilities of Google in regards to its image search is merely the first step in unraveling what computer-vision software is able to do in other realms.

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