Will passwords one day be obsolete?

A group of young adults from Dublin are creators of a program which may revolutionize one of the ways we use computers.

The program they’ve created is Viv.ie, which is a system that relies on facial recognition – as opposed to the traditional method of passwords – for users to log in.

It works by taking a picture of the user’s face, which is then matched up against registered users in a website’s database, allowing the user to log in if the face fits the proper account.

The creators of the software, which is offered for free to website administrators in API and iFrame versions, claim that it is unable to be cracked.

While the program is new and not fully functional, the potential for implementing this kind of technology is interesting to think about. Is logging in via facial recognition as opposed to passwords something that could catch on? How certain can users be that it can’t be cracked? Is a computer smart enough to recognize differences between identical twins? Or what about the differences between a real person and a mere picture? Finally, what kinds of implications does this have about privacy? While it’s a program design to protect one’s private information, does using facial recognition to protect it defeat the purpose?

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