Picture technology that caters to you

Photo applications and related technology are already utilizing facial recognition with their software. But a new line of Canon cameras has taken that a step further, to include more detailed and personalized facial recognition.

Canon PowerShot

The new digital ELPH cameras include something known as Face ID, which caters specifically to preferences set by users.

For example, up to 12 predefined users can be programmed into the camera, with information such as their names, birthdays and pictures. Whenever a photo of one of these people is taken, the camera uses this information to focus clearly on the individuals in the picture that match the information it is already storing, which helps those taking the picture avoid zooming in or focusing on someone in the background of the scene.

Other attributes of Face ID include differentiating between children and adults and adjusting the camera settings accordingly. What will be interesting is if the software is also compatible with photo applications; will iPhoto or Picasa be able to take the programmed information and apply it to photos a user has added to his or her library or even uploaded?

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