Mind’s Eye fuses ComputerVision with the military

Computer Vision has been prominent in the headlines for its use by law enforcement, but now the government is also taking an interest in discovering how ComputerVision technology might aid the military.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, otherwise known as DARPA, has set to work on a program it has titled Mind’s Eye.

The aim of the project is to help reconcile what computers and humans take away from the same scene. This is because, while computers are becoming increasingly better at recognizing individuals or objects and acting in a particular manner, there is still a large margin of error.

Meanwhile, humans are still better at a variety of tasks, but might not be able to do them as quickly as a computer. The goal of Mind’s Eye is to close the gap between the two by using technology to combine the quickness and efficiency of a computer with the perception and logic of a human.

The way that ComputerVision might help out in the military is by detecting enemy troops in combat or relaying other pertinent information directly to personnel in the field, in real time. The eventual goal is that these machines or computers will be able to take in a scene, interpret what is happening, and communicate that information back to soldiers via both words and pictures.

Image courtesy of DARPA

It is interesting to think the ways in which technology like this has the capacity to change the way militaries are run and conflicts are fought.

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