Smartphone app designed to alert drivers of dangers on the road

Image courtesy of Carlos S. Pereyra

Researchers at Dartmouth have come out with a new app for smartphones that works to detect dangerous driving behavior, in an effort to make roads safer. An article on NewScientist featured the app, CarSafe, explaining how it uses dual-cameras to watch the actions of both the drivers on the road and the driver of the vehicle it is in.

After mounting it in the vehicle, computer-vision technology works to take real-time information and process it, with the ability to detect if a driver is becoming drowsy or distracted, as well as to see if the vehicle or other vehicles are swerving, crossing over the lanes, or coming too close to other cars.

If any of the above occur, an alarm that is both audible and visible goes off on the phone.

What makes this app particularly unique is the fact that smartphones are not capable of using both cameras at once. However, CarSafe is written so that the two cameras are constantly switching back and forth, analyzing the scenes at a rate of eight frames per second. This does cause a delay in real-time processing, but it’s the closest anything has come to this kind of dual-camera technology, thus far.

Learn more by watching the following video:

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