Facial recognition software in use

G20 Summit 2014 Security to Use Facial Recognition Technology

The Herald Sun of Australia reports that the Queensland Police Service (QPS) is in negotiations to begin using special facial recognition software as the state prepares to host the G20 Summit in 2014.

Facial recognition software in use
Faces on CCTV may be subject to facial recognition technology for G20 Summit in Brisbane 2014. PIC: Jono Searle, Courtesy of The Herald Sun.
Police would be able to compare images taken over CCTV or with a phone against mugshots in a database and return high probability matches in under one second. They view the technology as essential to combat criminal and terrorist networks.

Meanwhile, civil libertarians have raised concerns that the databases will be scraped from Facebook and other sources with no framework in place to prevent abuse.  They are calling for a national data commissioner with the power to investigate and prosecute to address misuse or loss of personal data.

The database is currently holding between 700,000 and 1,000,000 mugshots. QPS will begin mobile data trials in 2013 using iPhones and iPads to capture faces for identification.

Given the difficulty of obtaining fingerprints, DNA and other biometrics, faces are seen as vital to tracking terrorist threats. The system is expected to be able to handle any variation in facial expression. Moreover, it can return matches even when a person looks away, turns their head sideways 60 degrees, or tilts it up or down by 20 degrees.

With this kind of robust capability, what would a facial recognition system make possible in your business? Go ahead and leave your comment below.

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