Productify App Recognizes Fashion Objects and Finds Them Online for Sale

Augmented Reality App Turns Fashion Objects into Ads

Productify App Recognizes Fashion Objects and Finds Them Online for Sale
Productify App Recognizes & Classifies Fashion Objects & Lists Sites Selling Them Photo: Courtesy of L’Atelier & OCULUSai
Attention shoppers with smartphone in hand: snap a photo of what someone else is wearing and find it on sale now!

L’Atelier of Paris reports on a startup from Sweden called OCULUSai whose Android app, Productify, lets you do just that (iOS version coming soon).

Productify recognizes the shoes, clothing or accessories of someone in your gaze and responds with a list of sites where to buy it. It also displays information on related products.

OCULUSai is focusing its efforts on the world of fashion and apparel and presented its solution at LeWeb in Paris in early December.

The technologies woven together include: computer vision, object recognition, image scanning, database marketing, and social media integration.

When you take a picture of an object, the app queries a database pre-populated with extensive fashion and apparel listings and related data about their visual qualities. In turn, the server, Oculus Brain, lists e-commerce sites where the item is for sale. You can share the product on Facebook and Twitter and recommend it to a friend.

I guess this means the days of people guessing how much you spent on that outfit are over!

So, how do you see augmented reality combining with e-commerce to transform your industry?

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