Using your computer with intuitive gaze technology

Photo courtesy of Tobii Technology
Photo courtesy of Tobii Technology

Technology has already simplified our lives in innumerable ways, but now Sweden-based Tobii Technology is looking to up the ante.

The company specializes in “gaze interaction,” an intuitive technology that allows users to rely not on a mouse or trackpad for computer navigation and control, but rather the eyes.

With the announcement of its newest product, Tobii REX comes a promise of a limited number of units – 5,000 to be exact – that will be available for purchase in the latter half of the year. Caution: it is only compatible with machines using Windows 8.

The product, similar in appearance to Kinect, is a bar that attaches to the computer via a USB connection. While the use of a mouse and trackpad won’t immediately become obsolete, a user can decide him or herself how much of the computer tasks are controlled by eyes.

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