The role of Computer Vision has become increasingly important in recent years, as related technologies have moved from the realm of classrooms and laboratories to practical use in mainstream society.

The purpose of this blog is to generate awareness of the pragmatic applications of these technologies. Additionally, we would like to include the perspective of researchers in the academic worlds, of engineers who are developing computer-vision software, and of industry and business experts who can point to needs that this software is able to fill.

We are welcoming contributions from interested people. Please send an email to blog@ComputerVisionSoftware.org with your expertise, ideas or leads on information pertaining to the industry.

Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):
§ 3‐D modeling
§ Classification/Recognition
§ Document Analysis
§ Face Detection
§ Face Recognition
§ Human‐Computer Interaction
§ Industrial Inspection and Manufacturing
§ Medical Analysis
§ Motion Analysis
§ Photogrammetry
§ Real‐time Tracking
§ Road/Traffic Analysis
§ Scientific Imaging Applications
§ Security/Surveillance
§ Video Analysis
§ Video Analytics