Autonomous cameras hit the market

Image courtesy of Autographer

Your camera just got smarter–well, sort of. Thanks to the Autographer, those Kodak moments can now be captured without the click of a camera, perhaps putting an end to the debate of whether people should document moments or just live them. Arguably, now they can do both.

This camera, which will be available beginning in November, is custom built to capture images without interaction of the user. Essentially, it relies on five built-in sensors that tell that camera when to take photos.

The Autographer was first created for elderly patients with dementia. By capturing a series of pictures throughout the day, it helped the recreate moments for those who might have trouble forgetting where they have been or what they have done. But the mass appeal of it lies in its ability to catch those candid moments without people stopping to pose or the wearer having to take a break from what he or she is doing.

The use of this camera covers a wide range–vacationers, party hosts, festival goers and more will find that it easily records moments from the day, leaving its user with a permanent record of what went on. Others suggest that employers can use it to track if employees are actually working. And some even go so far as to think that the Autographer can be used in a similar manner as spy gadgets. It seems as though the possibilites are endless.

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