Plan to speed up border crossings in Hong Kong

Courtesy South China Morning News, Photo: Edward Wong

Phila Siu writing for The South China Morning Post reports that the Immigration Department in Hong Kong is seeking approval to add face recognition to fingerprint-checking of incoming visitors.

The new technology is part of a revamp of systems at control points expected to speed up processing time.

Automated border clearance has become fairly mature as Australia, Britain, Germany and Portugal have adopted similar facial recognition technologies.

The revamp is in anticipation of the proportion of travelers entering Hong Kong who rely on e-travel documents rising from 60% in 2016 to 90% by 2020.

The department expects this will relieve the need for added stations and free up that manpower for other duties. For more info about projected costs and the debate swirling over how this technology should be used, see the original article here.

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