Glasses are the new cool

Back in elementary school, there was something inherently unhip about kids who had to wear glasses. But now, the geeks are bringing a while new meaning to the term “four eyes.” With recent advancements in technology, it seems as though glasses are the future, as they offer access to an entirely new way of seeing things.

CEO Vision is just one of the latest innovations in the HUD (heads-up display) realm. What it is, is a management dashboard, which works with the SAP HANA database. Users wear a special pair of glasses, which, in turn, displays and interprets on-the-page reports and other business-related information in real time. The information appears in 3D and functions interactively.

CEO Vision was concocted with the help of two HD cameras, a Microsoft Kinect system, and a head display. It relies upon eye movement and facial tracking, combined with hand gestures, to quickly provide detailed information to its user. This kind of technology is known as a Spatial Operating Environment (SOE), not unlike the technology imagined a decade ago in the 2002 movie “Minority Report.”

For an example of how CEO Vision works in its early stages, check out the following video: