Guaranteed win at Rock, Paper, Scissors with computer vision

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a famous hand game known throughout the world and dating back to the Han Dynasty. Largely a game of luck, it can be won by the most skilled of players based on various strategies such as studying the patterns of an opponent and playing against their predictability.

However, there is now a machine that is virtually impossible to beat. Researchers in the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory at the University of Tokyo have created a robot that has a 100% success rate at winning matches of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Using computer vision, the robot is able to recognize the hand movements of its human opponent and respond with a winning match. This “cheat” occurs in the period of 1 millisecond, an amount of time that the human mind cannot see, process and respond to, ensuring the computer always wins.

How might this kind of technology be applied in more practical realms?